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Scientific Officer ā€“
Devil Disease (Wild Management), Department of Primary Industries and Water

Dydee mann

I have been in love with the Tasmanian landscape and wildlife since I was a kid. I knew I wanted to learn more about it and if possible, work in the outdoors to learn more as I went. I have always had a fascination with animals and dreamed of working with wild mammals. I knew to do that, I would need University qualifications ā€“ what better place to start than university in my own backyard!

I knew I wanted to work outdoors, and always took a lot more in while learning in a hands-on environment. I chose to study plant science and zoology at Uni because it meant a mixture of spending time learning outside, time in the lab looking at the insides of plants and animals, as well as time understanding the theoretical side of the natural environment. The combination of plant science and zoology was a fantastic one as they go hand in hand, making the subjects relevant and interesting.

Studying fuelled my interest and amazement of the natural world and spurred my enthusiasm for conservation of the unique species we have here in Tasmania. Attending university gave me the background needed to make contacts and take up opportunities around Tasmania, and provided chances to volunteer with a number of different research projects.

My university highlights (apart from the Unibar and the occasional concert) were definitely the various field trips I was involved in ā€“ always fun, a great place to make friends and the best hands-on way to learn. A trip to Maria Island to study the marine environment, Fortescue Bay to monitor penguin numbers, Mt Field to survey plant communities and Bronte Park to develop field survey techniques were all unforgettable parts of my life and study. If I went to uni all over again, I reckon Iā€™d do exactly the same thing!

I am now a scientific officer with the devil disease team, working primarily in the field on the Tasman peninsula. Working in the field I trap and handle Tasmanian devils, and install remote sensor digital camera units to monitor disease emergence and spread. I am outside most of the time, work with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds - and absolutely love my job! I intend to continue working on wildlife in Tasmania for many more years.

Find out more about efforts to save the the Tassie devil at and remember the fox hotline number too - 1300 369 688