Eldene O'Shae

Eldene O’Shae

Bachelor of Antarctic Studies (Honours) student
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
University of Tasmania

The greatest moments that have ever happened to me have been when I was on, in or around the ocean. So it was only natural that I would study it at university.

In my years following the completion of grade 12 I worked on a variety of vessels from small fishing boats to large 300m long gas carriers before deciding to undertake a degree at university. The obvious choice would have been to study marine science, but I opted for a more unique degree enrolling in the Bachelor of Antarctic Studies. After beginning my studies, I took a short study break to live on the pacific Island of Samoa It was here that I realised the importance of studying the oceans that reignited my passion and sent my racing back to university to complete my studies.

Returning to university I had a new passion and drive to further understand fisheries. After living in Samoa I experienced the importance of sustainable fisheries management and wanted to be involved in it! During the remainder of my degree I volunteered extensively on research projects at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies assisting in variety of projects such as an environmental monitoring program of Storm Bay, Flathead stock assessment for recreational fishing, Aquaculture lease assessment and the impacts of seismic testing on crustaceans among other projects.

My stand out experience has been my two voyages on the RV Investigator. I was fortunate enough to go on the inaugural science voyage as well as a more recent voyage which saw me venture into the wild Southern Ocean.

Currently I am completing my honours thesis on the impact of changes in the distribution of pelagic fishes may have on international fisheries management.