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Jeremy Just

Chemistry & Science Communication, University of Tasmania

Having had a strong interest in the physical sciences since primary school, it seemed only fitting to start a science degree at university after I finished year 12. It was there that I developed a strong interest in human biology and microbiology, as well as the chemistry I always enjoyed.


Apart from my main interests, I have studied many other types of science during my time at university, including pharmacology, toxicology, physics, zoology, and biochemistry.


I am currently working as a PhD candidate in the School of Physical Sciences – Chemistry at UTAS, researching new methods to extract chemicals out of plants.


I also have a strong passion for science communication. I started with YTS back in 2011, and since then I have spent time travelling Tasmania and Australia presenting science shows to thousands of people across the country.


I don’t know what I’ll do when I grow up – perhaps I could be a presenter on the ABC TV show Catalyst? But what I do know is there will be lots of science, and lots of talking to people about science.


One of the best things I have found about being a scientist is the joy of sharing knowledge with others, and watching as people develop an interest and are amazed by the same things that amazed me as a student. In the chemistry lab, the best thing is when you discover you have created a chemical compound which there is no record of anyone having ever made before!