Allanna Russell
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Allanna Russell

Searching for a stroke of genius

PhD Student (Neuroscience)
School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

The most important part of being a scientist is being curious, and I’ve always been curious about everything. I am currently doing medical research at the University of Tasmania, but I’ve also studied zoology, engineering, microbiology, maths, and much more!

Most days you can find me working hard in the lab, which is always fun! But the best part of this is that my lab work is helping people. My research focuses on strokes. A stroke is a deadly disease which occurs when you get a blood clot in your brain. This work is very important to me, and I hope that one day my research will make life easier for the millions of people affected by strokes. Research like this is part of the reason that being a scientist is so rewarding, because you get to use your curiosity to make everyone’s lives better.

When I’m not busy in the lab, I love to get out and share my passion for science with the public. During National Science Week you’ll find me touring schools and presenting at as many events as possible. Throughout the rest of the year I teach in schools and help out with great science programs for young people like the University of Tasmania’s ‘ConocoPhillips Science Experience’. My aim is to share my love of science with as many people as possible. Every day as a scientist there’s things to be learned and discoveries to be made, and I’m always working to push the boundaries of what we know.


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