Kelsey Picard
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Kelsey Picard

Budding Scientist

PhD Student (Plant Genetics)
College of Sciences and Engineering, University of Tasmania

Plants have a body clock, just like you and me. They can tell if it is night or day, and even what season it is to drop their leaves in autumn, to flower in spring, and produce fruit in summer. How do they do this? My research looks at how plants can sense the world around them, and how they respond to environmental cues to cause these lifecycle changes. I look inside the cell, at the DNA, to see which genes are turned on or off when a plant is about to flower. By learning which genes make a plant flower, I can help create plants that flower earlier, more often, and produce more food for us!

I never thought I would go to University. At school, the idea of going to University actually scared me because no one in my family had done it before. I was so excited to finish High School, and start working. I had a dream job: working in a chocolate factory! However, I got so bored not learning. I enrolled in University halfway through the year, and it was the best decision I ever made. I have been studying and working in research labs in both New Zealand and Australia, and learning more and more every day!

I love studying plants because they are so important in our everyday lives. Have a think: How many times have you eaten, or used a plant product today?

I am excited to share my science journey with you all, and encourage you to become a scientist too!


Find me on Twitter at @KelseyOnScience

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