Patricia Peinado
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Patricia Peinado

Marine life hunter!

PhD Student (Marine Ecology, Climate Change)
Institute of Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania

I’ve always been fascinated about how things work around us… I grew up in the middle of the mountains in Spain, so it was no surprise I became fascinated with the environment and the outdoors. When I was 12, I found my passion for the sea when I read a book about the Great Barrier Reef; the colours and marine life inspired me. I decided that I wanted to become a marine scientist.

I moved to the East coast of Spain to get my degree in Marine Sciences at the University of Alicante, where I also got a scuba diving certificate, allowing me to see for myself what wonders lie in the sea. I moved to a small Island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus, where I researched the local marine life and ecosystem around the coast, collecting information for use by conservation programs. I wanted to learn more so I packed my bags again and moved to London to study a Masters degree. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Chile to study kelp forests. I am still studying right now in Tasmania – I am doing research for a PhD!

Do you ever think about about how predators eat or move? Are they affected by climate change? These are the questions that I am trying to answer as part of my research in Tasmania. I am studying how temperature affects squid and their behaviour, and even how changes in temperature could modify whole ecosystems in the ocean.

Studying science has allowed me to study and travel into many different countries. I am fortunate to study lots of different creatures, from tiny plankton, to crabs and sea stars, all the way to fish and large marine mammals. Something that I love about my work is that it gives me the opportunity to keep learning, not only about marine life but also about how different societies get involved in the conservation of our ocean.

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