Alyce Hennessy
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Alyce Hennessy

Batty about Ecology

School of Natural Sciences,
University of Tasmania

Did you know we have bats in Tasmania? Bats like to hang out at night when you’re asleep. Tasmanian bats are also very small and can look like birds or moths in the dark!

Ecology involves studying how animals and plants interact with each other and their surroundings. I was inspired to do ecology at university after doing a taster day in Grade 10. One of the speakers showed images of students head first down crayfish holes and riding helicopters to visit wetlands. I’m quite an adventurous person and I thought it looked super cool! Now I get to have my own adventures exploring Tasmania’s wet forests whilst studying bats. I am currently doing a project that investigates if Tasmanian bats like to visit plantations to hunt for food.

I’ve always loved animals and exploring the outdoors. I have fond memories walking through Tasmania’s beautiful forests with my family, and observing whales, echidnas, bandicoots and various birds from my house! Ever since I was introduced to science in primary school it’s been one of my greatest passions. I’m a curious person and I love learning how the world works.

I’m so excited to show you my love for bats, science and the outdoors. I hope you can become batty for science too!


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