Silvia Vicenzi
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Silvia Vicenzi

Exploring the Essence of the Brain

College of Health and Medicine,
University of Tasmania

How do you know if you want to be a scientist? I had no clue how was to be scientist until I went to university… But I can tell you now the secret ingredients of science: curiosity and passion!!

I’ve always been such a curious kid, challenging mum and dad with the most inquisitive questions about life, universe and shooting stars… and now I am a neuro-scientist. But what does it mean being a neuroscientist? Let’s try to break it down together…

Have you ever wondered how you can think, learn and move? Well, long before birth, when you are still in mum’s womb, neurons (the cells of our brain) connect with each other’s as if they are creating a spider web. Once the spider web is established, it is able to control movements, speech and even our emotions. How fantastic is that?! And I can tell you more… no one knows how the spider web is constructed. So I decided to ask “how”!

My journey started a long time ago when I was studying university in the Italian Dolomites: that’s where I got fascinated for the first time about this topic. Since then, I have been really determined to chase my dream to discover how the brain works: I moved from country (England) to country (Sweden) until I found the perfect laboratory where I can conduct my research vocation … and guess what, this research is happening in Hobart!


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