Ellie Bucher

  • Area: Exploring Our Fantastic Elastic Brains
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Young Tassie Scientist

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre,
University of Tasmania


Have you ever thought about how you think? That’s not a trick question, I promise! I’ve always been fascinated with how our brains allow us to think, learn, and remember, and this is what got me started on the path to becoming a neuroscientist. At first, I studied psychology at university to understand more about our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. But I wanted to know more about what exactly was going on behind the scenes in our brains. I’m still learning more each and every day.

My research focuses on dementia, a condition that affects thinking, learning and memory. By understanding some of the changes that occur in the brain in dementia, we can also learn more about how the brain works when it is healthy. In the lab, I use lots of chemicals and a big robotic microscope to take images of the brain. This lets me examine our brain cells and see what’s happening to them in dementia, so that one day we might be able to find a treatment or a cure.

It’s very rewarding going to work every day knowing that you’re helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. But, when I’m not busy looking at brains, I enjoy swimming in the ocean – rain, hail or shine. I also love to bake for my friends and family and I’ve even been lucky enough to make a few wedding cakes.

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