Dr Adele Wilson

  • Area: Science Communicator, Slime-Lady
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Young Tassie Scientist

Manager, Young Tassie Scientists
University of Tasmania

Young Tassie Scientists, 2015-2021


In primary school I decided I wanted to discover new and wonderful things, to find out as much as I can about the world around us and how it works – and that led me into science.

There are SO many different areas of science to learn about, and I’ve always tried to do study as many of them as I can. The best discoveries come where people from different science backgrounds are working together. I studied Biochemistry and Chemistry at the University of Tasmania before running away to join the Science Circus at Questacon in Canberra.

That started a six-year-long adventure of travelling around Australia and the UK, playing with slime, liquid nitrogen and (controlled) fiery explosions in schools and theatres for audiences big and small. It was so much fun! I started to miss the laboratory, so I came home to Tasmania to do some more research and do a PhD. In my spare time I was still doing science shows for fun, and helping to organise and run other science events for National Science Week and the University of Tasmania. As soon as I handed in my PhD I got straight back into doing science communication full time.

I’ve now been doing science shows and working as a science communicator for 18 years!  Nowadays I get to spend my time sharing my passion for science with people all over Tasmania, organising science events and activities, and helping other scientists become science communicators too.

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Introducing Adele Wilson and the Young Tassie Scientists: (suitable for all ages)