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Anne Garratt

Institute of Regional Development

Helping communities move forward

Ever wondered why some regions struggle while other regions go ahead in leaps and bounds? Some places seem to stay the same while others take off! How are decisions made? What language do the experts speak? What branch of science does my region need to apply in order to get ahead?

Regional Science is the study of pulling it all together and finding new ways of constructing advantage. Scientists like me are interested in the amazingly tricky problems - wicked problems. Such problems are often overlooked but the solutions are incredibly important for achieving an innovative future. Who said life was meant to be easy? Regional scientists tackle these problems using a variety of tools, including data collection and analysis, policy development, and working closely with community members to improve understanding.

I have always been fascinated by regional development, problem solving and moving beyond the status quo! My family and I lived out in a small town where community was everything. I would always be volunteering somewhere, making friends and journeying alongside a motivated community. I became passionate about regional development, particularly from a geography perspective and wanted to do something to help improve regional management.

My current studies at UTAS are diverse: field work, lab work, policy work, data analysis and diffusing knowledge into the region. I want to make a difference and be the person who can read expert reports, convert them to everyday language, and engage with the community.

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