art and science collide
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Science in Salamanca
is community celebration
of science and art.

Science in Salamanca 2004 is focused on five scientific themes; Exploring the Oceans; Saving the Environment, Generating Energy for the Future, Discovering How Plants Grow, and Investigating the Human Body, based on the research of the Young Tassie Scientists.

Artistic interpretations of the research of the Young Tassie Scientists will be exhibited by art students from the University of Tasmania School of Art at the eMerging exhibition and by school students of all levels from all over Tasmania at the eLemental exhibition.

Through the selected scientific themes, the aesthetics of science and scientific data are highlighted, and the visitor will gain an increased awareness of the processes involved in scientific research and artistic interpretation. Using the Arts as a communication tool will stimulate thought on issues that affect daily life, resulting in a better-informed community. By building links, we can break down barriers and find hidden synergies…

…visitors to Science in Salamanca discover that, far from being worlds apart, art and science are closely linked through observation, imagination, creativity, communication and evaluation, leading to discovery, vision and new ideas.

You can be part of Science in Salamanca by;

  • Creating an artwork for the science inspired student exhibition eLemental.

  • Visiting the eMerging and eLemental exhibitions during National Science Week and Tasmanian Living Artists Week (August 14-29, see information and downloads for individual exhibition venues and dates).

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