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Gabby Brown,
Menzies Research Institute

Why do Devils get DFTD?

Hey, my name is Gabby, and I’m a PhD student at the Menzies Research Institute in Hobart.

I’m working with a group of scientists who are studying Tasmanian devils to work out why the devils can’t resist the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease that is sweeping through the population.

I started working with the devils when I did my honours project in 2008 and have continued research this year. Most of my work is done in the lab, but I do get to go out in the field and work with the devils!

For me, doing research that may help understand this terrible disease is extremely rewarding.

Gabby Brown

I did a Biotechnology degree at the University of Tasmania because it offered opportunities to work in an interesting and fast-moving area of science.

I find research in biology and genetics fascinating and have had opportunities to learn skills in many different areas, from health science to botany.

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