the teachers
Simon Arneaud Susie Halliday Stephanie Howe Melissa Humphries Pru Loney
Simon Arneaud
The maths of card shuffling
Jay Blanchard
Supermassive black holes
Gabby Brown
Why do devils get DFTD?
Bindi Browning
What grows on dead logs?
Nathan Campbell
Maths in engineering
Ruth Oettle Laura Quittenden Stephanie Mel Humphries Gabby Brown
Jess Fuller-Smith
To burn or not to burn –
the effects of bushfire on grasslands
Susie Halliday
“Red” trees - using infrared radiation to study vegetation
Stephanie Howe
Hot rocks – potential energy for the future
Melisssa Humphries
Explaining the brain
with maths
Prue Loney
Talking about herbivores
from Australia to Africa
Bindi Browning Nathan Campbell Jess Fuller-Smith Jess Fuller-Smith  
Ruth Oettle
The environment for sale?
Laura Quittenden
Plants have hormones too!
James Riggall
Virtual worlds…
Sam Wood
How old are
old-growth forests?