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Nathan Campbell,
School of Maths and Physics, UTAS

Maths in Engineering

How did you get interested in your field?
For me it was an easy decision and it happened very early on. I was a big fan of building lego and climbing trees. So I went into the best field for science minded children that like to get their hands dirty – Engineering!

I had two very influential teachers in High School that helped me realise science was just an extension of all the things I enjoyed while growing up. I love what I do – I get up each morning with a smile on my face excited about what I am going to do today.






What did you study at University and why?
I did two degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering, and the other in Mathematics. Mechanical Engineers design anything at all that moves. That could be anything from stopping the sway of 200-storey buildings in the wind, to designing a space shuttle so that it can re-enter the earth’s atmosphere safely. Maths is a very important tool to help engineers design these things so doing a bit more maths has helped me to become a better engineer.

What are your future aspirations?
I am looking forward to heading overseas to work as a consultant on some projects that require engineers to help design them. Engineers are in high demand all over the world and a career in engineering gives you many opportunities to travel and see the sights while you work. Many of the larger companies have offices in many countries. I will finish my extra math’s study at the end of this year and I am applying for work at the moment. It’s a very exciting time for me.


What do you love about science?
I am a very curious person, and I can apply science to explain all the things I have looked at in awe but not understood. Why do clouds sit in the sky and not sink down to us? Why do massive oil tankers float? I can explain them all with science. Engineers apply the facts that scientists discover from their research to make real world solutions to problems. I find it exciting to develop a solution to an advanced problem using the skills I have learned at university.

Did you know that the Science and Engineering Super Challenge will be held in Hobart during National Science Week?

Schools from around the state will battle it out in a range of fun and competitive activities, from building space vehicles to cracking codes. Find out more about the Challenge at (Resources for Teachers>>Science and Engineering Challenge).