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Emily Panietz

Marine Scientist

I have always been interested in marine science since I was very young. My family would go to the beach every weekend, either to swim during the summer or explore the tide pools in winter. When I was 14 years old I was accepted into a program called Young Women in Science where I spent a summer volunteering at my local aquarium. This program inspired me to become a marine scientist! I love exploring, playing and learning about our oceans! When I went to the Sydney aquarium this year I spent 5 hours learning all about Australia’s oceans!

I am currently studying a Masters in Marine and Antarctic Science degree at the University of Tasmania. My supervisor collected a sediment core (37cm deep) from the bottom of the ocean and I am trying to analyse it so I can estimate the amount of dust in it. Yes, dust! Dust is actually really important for our oceans. Dust contains minerals like iron, which is a type of food for phytoplankton (tiny plants and animals in the ocean). Dust for phytoplankton is like a steak for us! They use this dust to grow big, which then feeds baby fish who are eaten by large fish, who are gobbled up by large animals like birds, seals, sharks, whales and dolphins!!

When I finish this project I want to keep working with the marine environment but I have no idea where my career will take me. Maybe I will continue working in the lab and analyzing dust or maybe I will study something like glaciers, orcas, or ocean currents. There are so many possibilities!


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