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Esther Cooper

Agricultural Scientist

Growing up in a small country town I was not exposed to science until I moved on to high school in the city. I was unaware that everything we do in life has a science background, one that is thriving with people who are looking for new discoveries in every aspect of life, from medical research, to what I now study, agricultural sciences.

Australia produces some of the world’s best agricultural products -from wheat to meat and wool to cotton- it is all grown here, and the very best of those are grown in Tasmania.

From our lush pastures on the North West coast that produce high quality meat and milk products, to the rolling hills and valleys of the south, which house our vast stone fruit orchards. Tasmania’s unique global position enables us to produce agricultural products that have a “Clean and Green” image and supply markets in the northern hemisphere in their off seasons. Beef cattle and cherries are examples of products we produce at such a high quality that they are sold directly to Japanese markets.

Growing up in a rural area of Tasmania I saw firsthand the beauty of our state and the unique production systems we use here. My area of study with the School of Agricultural Science in Sandy Bay is a combination of production systems and agribusiness. I study both the way our products are grown but I also look into how they are sold and how we can improve on both our production systems and our marketing.

Studying at the University of Tasmania has enabled me to see how other countries produce and market their products. My study has given me an opportunity to travel all over Australia and to different countries. In the future I hope to help Tasmanian farmers improve the sustainability of our agricultural systems and spread our unique products globally while educating students about our production systems and the benefits of careers and study in Agricultural Science.

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