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Sonita Singh

Discovery Ranger

I grew up in northern Tasmania playing on beaches, farms and in the bush.  I was enchanted by the stories and secrets that can be discovered in nature such as seeing mushrooms spring up out of the ground after rain and watching a frog’s egg develop first  into a tiny tadpole and finally into a new frog that jumps away to find another home.  I was influenced by my mum who always loved finding shells on the beach and bushwalking and I was inspired by the wonderful nature documentaries by David Attenborough that I watched on TV.

My love of nature led to an interest in science which is a way of explaining and studying the world.  I read books about animals, plants and science in general, eventually studying chemistry at the University of Tasmania. This experience gave me the opportunity to work with inspiring people in a range of interesting jobs around Australia including solar cell development, photosynthesis research and teaching.  I have also participated extensively in conservation projects which involved removing introduced weeds from natural bushland, planting native trees and surveying animal populations.  I recently returned to Tasmania and hope to contribute to developing and protecting our beautiful state.

I now work for the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania delivering tours, activities and talks to teach people about Tasmania’s unique natural and cultural heritage.  I work in national parks, schools and at community events.  Over the summer I was posted at Mount Field National Park which is very popular with locals and tourists and provides a snapshot of Tasmania’s natural diversity.  I most enjoyed taking visitors on night time tours in the forest to see the captivating lights of glow worms which lure their prey towards a trap of sticky silk threads.

I love sharing my interest in nature and providing people with hands on experiences that help them to understand, appreciate and protect our beautiful and fascinating environment.

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