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Amin Khodabandeh

Polymer Research Scientist

Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science

I love science for so many reasons! I particularly love all the awesome technology it provides me with. Without science we wouldn’t have computers, cars, airplanes, mobile phones, etc. There is always something new and interesting to discover and the journey to get there can be really exciting.

When I was growing up in Iran, I was fascinated with fireflies. I saw those beautiful creatures living around our garden and I noticed that they had a tail that produced light! I loved my little shiny friends! During high school I liked chemistry more than other subjects because it is a puzzle-like language, which defines the world around us.

After completing my bachelor and master degrees in chemistry, I was awarded an international postgraduate research scholarship (IPRS) to study in a multidisciplinary project, so I came to Hobart to start my PhD project at the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS) at the University of Tasmania.

As a Polymer Research Scientist my job is to create new materials, substances that have never existed before, that can be used for a variety of applications by a range of industries. My research is focused on designing complicated systems from smaller components. I prepare nanoparticles (you can think of these as very small objects) and use them in conjunction with polymers (very large molecules) to create larger and more sophisticated structures. My aim is to use these materials for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for other areas such as food science and drugs in sport. My job is very creative and practical and contributes to human progress.

I picked Chemistry because I like it! That is the best advice I would give anyone, “Do what you really enjoy and find interesting”.

I am keen to be at the cutting edge of current knowledge and to contribute to new discoveries. I am looking forward to continuing my career as a research scientist, specialising in Nano-chemistry, soft polymer physics and separation science, and I look forward to the unique creative possibilities that a greater knowledge and understanding of them will bring.

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