Reyne Pullen
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Dr Reyne Pullen

PhD (Chemistry Education), teaching secondary students

School of Physical Sciences, University of Tasmania

I completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania studying Chemistry and Mathematics. While these fields fascinated me for their impact in the world around us, I had always held a passion for teaching. After completing my Bachelor I chose to undertake Honours and later a PhD in Chemistry Education. I investigated alternative teaching methods to be used in the teaching laboratories to better understand how to improve the learning experience for students.

I now teach at both a local High School and the University of Tasmania, and in my spare time find ways to communicate science to any and all who will listen! By far my most important influences growing up were my teachers. I had the incredible luck of having fantastic teachers in both Maths and Science which continued from primary school all the way through to the university level. Not only were they genuinely good teachers, they always had a smile and most importantly were excited not only about what they were teaching, but teaching it to us.

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