Sarah Lyden

Engineering is a great opportunity to investigate the world in which we live and to make a difference.


Sarah Ugalde

Throughout my studies, I have had so many opportunities to work with strange and wonderful creatures, and have visited some incredible places.


Sam Cuff

I am currently employed by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service as a Discovery Ranger. My main responsibility is educating others about Tasmania’s unique natural and cultural heritage.


Sam Perkins

Engineering has opened my eyes to how the world around us works and how much potential there is to use technology to conquer the greatest challenges imaginable.


Rob Arvier

My studies, as well as the work experience I have gained, have led to many opportunities for further study and employment outside of Australia.


Reyne Pullen

The drive of my project is to improve the experience and understanding of students undertaking chemistry lab work.


Nick Blackburn

As a scientist, that’s what you do, you learn until you know everything about a topic, and then you try to find out more.


Kira Patterson

I love learning and the best part about doing research is that you choose the topic that you want to study.


Fiona Hume

I love that science can take you in so many directions and to so many places and ultimately, can help us to understand and conserve nature.


Esther Cooper

I have studied a wide variety of courses, from botany to economics, and realised the variety of areas that you can become involved in through an agricultural science degree.


Emma Flukes

Basically, I get to dive and spend my time in the underwater world that I love, and call it a career. That’s pretty special.


Caillin Eastwood-Sutherland

My research has been looking at how to capture biological motion, and program that motion into a prosthetic arm.


Arabella Young

If you like the thrill of the chase, meeting new people and travelling around the globe, science could potentially be for you!