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Competition Guidelines | download PDF

eLemental: student artworks exploring science

August 14-29 2004

Invite a Young Tassie Scientist to visit your school. Create a 2D artwork based on their work. Selected artworks will be exhibited at Salamanca Arts Centre, the University of Tasmania, the Imaginarium Science Centre and Burne Civic Centre during National Science Week and Tasmanian Living Artists Week. eLemental will be exhibited simultaneously with eMerging, an exhibition by University of Tasmania Arts School also inspired from the research of theYoung Tassie Scientists.

Scientific Themes:

Exploring the Oceans:

  • Tomas Remenyi (IASOS, Hons, Hobart)
    Forams & past sea ice distribution.

  • Michael Grose (IASOS, PhD, Hobart)
    Cape Grim phytoplankton.

Saving the Environment:

  • Tim Jordan (Chemistry, PhD, Launceston)
    Air pollution from wood heaters.

  • Nina Hamilton (Architecture, Masters, Launceston)
    Architecture and wilderness.

  • Claire Trenham (Maths&Physics, Hons, Hobart)
    Modelling chemical combustion.

Generating Energy for the Future:

  • Cameron Potter (Engineering, PhD, Hobart)
    Wind/power forecasting using artificial intelligence.

  • Denis Visentin (Computing, PhD, Launceston)
    Modelling to demonstrate nuclear fusion.

Discovering How Plants Grow:

  • Corinne Jager (Plant Science, PhD, Hobart)
    Hormone interactions in peas.

  • Lydia Turner (TIAR, PhD, Burnie)
    Pasture species in dairy industry.

  • Will Bignell (Ag. Science, 3rd year student, Hobart)
    Growing Wasabi.

  • Paul Armstrong (Aquaculture, PhD, Hobart)
    Plankton blooms

Investigating the Human Body:

Artwork Guidelines:

  • Size: at least A3

  • Paper: mounted on thick cardboard

  • Style: 2D image, painting, drawing, collage, digital image

  • Subject: must be based on the work of one or more of the Young Tassie Scientists

Deadline for artworks is 11th of August:

  • Mail to Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 50, Hobart 7001

  • Artworks must include student’s name, class, school and scientific theme


Prizes will be awarded on a regional basis for primary and secondary schools in the categories of:

  • Best communication of scientific ideas through art

  • School with the highest percentage participation

For more information and a school resource kit, contact:

Kim Menadue Ph: 0419 983202 email: jexsouth@netspace.net.au


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